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Client Blog: Debbie and Richard's long-awaited trip to Japan

Since helping with their honeymoon to Costa Rica in 2011, Debbie and Richard have used my services for several holidays to amazing destinations.

Their latest was a pandemic-delayed adventure to Japan, extra special not just for what they experienced, but for how long they had to wait for it.

They kindly shared their experience and some great photos...


Four years after we had originally planned our Japanese adventure, we finally made it - and it was certainly worth holding out for. The decision to postpone rather than cancel was the right one.

The itinerary, expertly arranged by Susan in conjunction with the superb specialists at Inside Japan, incorporated everything we’d asked for: visiting the neon cities of Tokyo and Osaka, experiencing the unique culture, Buddhist temples, travelling on public transport, including the bullet train to the Japanese Alps, and rural countryside.

The organisation was faultless, from the mobile Wi-Fi and travel arrangements to the stunning choice of accommodation.

The humble guides tailor-made plans for us to experience the culture, food and idiosyncrasies of Japanese life. Their thoughtfulness made them feel like friends.

Using the subway, trams, trains and cable cars, we packed so much into each day, experiencing the unique culture, temples, shrines and traditional food.

Travelling back in time to a bygone era, staying in traditional ryokan inns was a highlight, especially in Mount Koya where we were served the most beautiful food by Buddhist monks.

The grand palaces, Shinto shrines and stunning gardens in Kyoto were beautiful, especially as we saw young men and women graduating from university in traditional costumes.

The trip to learn about Maiko training to become a Geiko was a favourite of ours. Our Maiko was in her fifth year of training and was so receptive to our questions and her dancing was beautifully graceful.

Having informative booklets for each place we stayed meant that we could make the most of our 18 days in Japan, providing us with the guidance and the confidence to venture out ourselves.

We were particularly glad to get to Nara and Hiroshima because they are so much a part of Japanese history that defines its identity today.

Thank you, Susan. You have taken the time and interest to get to know us, which has meant another perfect holiday.

Debbie & Richard


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