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"Susan is a highly valued travel expert and outstanding communicator"- Monna

I was looking to arrange a first cruise experience and a trusted friend recommended speaking with her travel adviser, Susan Pentelow.

Upon doing so, I was instantly comfortable that not only did Susan totally understand what we were looking for, listening intently and giving sound advice, but she clearly had a broad knowledge and expertise in organising cruises.

We were kept informed every step of the way from that initial contact to departure, with Susan adding useful tips on what to expect whilst onboard the ship.

I was so impressed with her first-class service that Susan quickly became my go-to lady, arranging several special occasion trips since, always making fantastic suggestions and diligently piecing together fabulous itineraries.

She has even had to step-in and make last minute location changes due to unprecedented weather conditions, which were managed with her usual calmness and ease, ensuring no disruption to our celebrations.

Susan is a highly valued travel expert and outstanding communicator who I continue to highly recommend to friends and family.

Monna Patel


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