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“Every holiday booked through Susan has been great, and she's also a nice person” - Claudine

I love travelling, and now that 2020 is firmly behind us, I've been determined to return to my holidays. And I'm regularly asked about my trips, how I book them, or people commenting on how amazing they sound.

I've travelled to Dubai, Chicago and Boston this year with my holiday buddy, Claudette. It's been relatively affordable, but I've decided to take a break to replenish the old funds. 😅

Since we're all busy people, many of us don't have the time and energy to search and plan a well-deserved break.

I wanted to give a shout-out to my personal travel adviser, Susan Pentelow, who was recommended to me by a fantastic ex-colleague, who has always gone on fabulous trips, and that's just to show that Susan's business is fuelled simply by word of mouth. 😄

What's excellent about Susan is that she can book you a high-end trip or a trip within a set budget. If you're an independent traveller and want a "grown-up" backpacking holiday for a month or more with all the great experiences without the typical struggle.

If you want a trip with a great itinerary of activities and all the transfers scheduled in advance, or if you're planning a trip with a large group, then Susan is fantastic. She can assist you and give you the best advice, and she's booked similar trips for me, my family and my friends.

Also, suppose something goes wrong, although it rarely does. In that case, Susan will assist you while on holiday if you need to negotiate with your hotel, or flight operator, or if you run into any difficulties, so you don't have to disrupt your break.

Claudette got stranded in Australia because of an unavoidable miscommunication/ error by one of the airline attendants. She didn't know what to do to resolve it, but Susan got on the phone in the early hours in the UK and it was all sorted quickly. Claudette simply called her and then just sat tight and waited. Susan – I’m sorry if that's just a service you've reserved for us twins though I doubt it as I have read similar testimonials about you.

I wanted to share a social media post on Susan, as all our trips this year have been great deals. For the Chicago and Boston trips, the cost of my entire trip was the same as the one-way plane fare to Boston. That included the return flights, domestic flights and the hotels in those locations. 🎉 🙏🏾

Another thing, if you manage to find a better deal for your trip, then Susan will always try to better it or at least be transparent about it.

I'm not getting paid for this post. Susan never asked me to share a post, and many of my connections will vouch that I regularly recommend Susan to them anyway, with some of them using her services.

I just wanted to share a service that I've valued for years and wanted to recommend to others. Every holiday booked through Susan has been great, and she's also a nice person.

I highly recommend Susan, so please feel free to connect with her or save this post in preparation for your next holiday break. You won’t regret it.



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