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"I was very impressed with her approach and responsiveness" - Anthony

What am I looking for in a travel advisor?

Attention to detail is paramount. The purpose of engaging an expert to oversee arrangements for that special holiday is to have a trusted ally who will take care to make sure all details are precise and that the holiday runs like clockwork.

I don’t have the time or inclination to be re-checking things and wondering if anything is about to go wrong, like being flown to one Caribbean island and having a resort booked on a different one, as once happened to us via booking directly with a major airline – lesson learned!

Then comes expertise, but not just acquired knowledge of countries and hotels. It is about taking the time to gain an understanding of what my family enjoy and then matching this with specialist knowledge of resorts, personal experiences, being able to access competitive pricing and then to connect all the disparate elements of a holiday together to provide options and valuable input for us to make informed choices.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the quality of response when something goes wrong.

I first contacted Susan Pentelow in 2013 about a potential family holiday in Canada. We did not progress to a booking on that occasion, but I was very impressed with her approach and responsiveness and returned not long after. We have since had several memorable holidays both as a family and as a couple, all superbly managed by Susan.

She has always been there to advise and resolve any minor issues we have had or, on one occasion, to support us in getting a completely new holiday booked in just one day.

I am very happy to recommend Susan for making sure that precious holiday time is spent wisely. She will exceed expectations; she’s a total professional.

Anthony Pipe


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