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“Susan always gives great insight into what can make a trip even better” - Veena

I have been lucky to experience several holidays that Susan has helped organise, from family holidays to China, Kenya and Goa, to my Sri Lankan honeymoon and my first solo trip to Dubai.

All the trips were great, and Susan was able to help us get what we wanted each time, always trying her utmost to stay within our budget.

The best part of booking a holiday with Susan is that you can give her suggestions of what you would like to do at a destination and with her vast experience, she is able to put together fantastic itineraries, without ever pressurising you to increase your budget or do specific things.

I can’t wait for my next adventure to South Korea for which Susan was able to provide great insight into what would make the trip even better.

I am looking forward to exploring many more countries with Susan's help :)



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