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“Susan epitomises the value of an experienced travel agent” – Gordon

Susan has been helping my family with holidays for several years and we are extremely appreciative of her hard work.

This summer we found ourselves in a difficult situation when the terrible wildfires in Rhodes resulted in the sudden cancellation of the Saturday outbound flights, whilst we were in the departure lounge waiting to board.

Hugely disappointed that our long-planned family holiday was ruined, we set about recovering our luggage and retrieving our car to return home.

Before leaving the airport, I telephoned Susan to inform her of the cancellation. She said that she would arrange a full refund of the holiday cost and offered to help find an alternative holiday destination.

The following day she telephoned several times with holiday suggestions and after a family discussion we decided that Madeira was the favoured option.

Within a couple of hours, Susan confirmed the holiday was booked and so on Monday morning we were back at Manchester Airport for our flight to Funchal.

We had a wonderful family holiday on this beautiful island and loved every minute of it.

Without Susan's tenacity and dedication, it would not have happened. She went above and beyond what we could reasonably expect of her, taking our call on a Saturday and then making herself available on Sunday to find an alternative destination.

Susan epitomises the value of an experienced travel agent and we are so grateful for all her help and assistance.

Gordon and family


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