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"The outcomes have been exactly what we wanted every time" - Juliette


We are incredibly happy and privileged to have Susan as our personal travel adviser - she is a pleasure to deal with and we trust her implicitly.

She has taken the time to get to know us and our preferences, which has not only given us ideas, confidence and trouble-free holidays but more importantly brilliant memories, without spending hours of time and stress, especially if you have too much of one and not enough of the other!

At times, our requests have been testing, and each time Susan has risen to the challenge, meeting our requirements as well us giving us much needed advice and suggestions.

Nothing has ever been too much trouble and the outcomes have been exactly what we wanted every time.

Even when there have been unexpected hiccups, Susan has taken any worry away and got us back on course to enjoy our holiday.

This was exemplified when we had booked a family holiday to Greece for some much-needed relaxation. The evening before our early departure, we were having to head straight to an overnight hotel due to a flat-out day with work commitments. Catching up on voicemail messages as we got into the car, we learned that our flight had been unavoidably cancelled. Amidst the tiredness and tears from everyone, a call back to Susan and everything was sorted: new flights, transfers and the hotel that Susan had recommended were waiting for us at the revised time with meals and a much-needed bottle of wine in our room. We couldn’t have asked for anything more and were so appreciative.

When we needed reassurance and didn’t know where to start, let alone have the time needed, Susan has brilliantly organised everything from a weekend dash to New York, a 40th birthday bash in Las Vegas, a Sri Lankan adventure for our eldest son, a wine discovery trip to France for elderly parents and an absolutely magical Lapland experience with our young son, without the commercialism or a hefty price tag - a task I thought would be impossible.

If you want help and complete confidence in building memories to last a lifetime, Susan has the expertise and can totally deliver.

Juliette Bellenie


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