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"Susan has always delivered exactly what we wanted" - Peter and Marian

We had always found booking holidays a complete nightmare. When should we go? What do we want to see and do? Will it be safe? Then how about finding the right flights at the right times, ensuring the hotel is up to expectations, booking hire cars or transfers, airport parking, do we need a hotel before and after flights, sorting itineraries, routes, local information and more.

We found it endless and it would often actually remove the pleasure of going at all.

And then a friend introduced us to Susan.

Following a short telephone call explaining that we were interested in travelling California’s Pacific Coast Highway with a couple of friends, she requested that we leave it with her for a couple of days.

Sure enough, a precise suggested itinerary duly arrived in our inbox with all the key information included, exactly to our requirements and best of all at an excellent price. We were happy to book the trip and crossed our fingers.

Everything went totally to plan, it undoubtedly being the best and easiest holiday we had ever had.

We haven’t looked back since.

A complex set of arrangements with multiple persons getting to and from New Zealand from different places and with different requirements was all pieced together with no fuss and once again ensured a perfect trip and great memories.

Susan has always delivered exactly what we wanted, even with this year’s Croatian trip a victim of the virus, everything was sorted promptly and to our total satisfaction. Priceless.

She is a very experienced traveller herself and able to therefore also make valuable personal recommendations and suggestions.

We cannot speak highly enough about Susan Pentelow and her organisational skills and would encourage anyone to contact her for their holiday requirements.

Peter and Marian Hull


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